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The Flow System, Training, Assessment, Research, and Methods

The Flow System™

Unlike other prescriptive frameworks and methodologies. It does NOT prescribe a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we seek to develop you as extensive thinkers and practitioners, supporting your development of deep skills and knowledge through the learning and application of practices.

We do this by offering expert training and assessment programs modeled as a true university grade masters degree approach. One of the co-creators is Professor John Turner from the University of North Texas and he is primarily responsible for developing the extensive curriculum we offer.

The Triple Helix of Flow™

A methodology that provides leaders and practitioners with an overarching approach and principles to pull from when designing a research project. The Triple Helix of Flow™ provides agents with an expanding list of methods, techniques, and tools they can take advantage of as part of an overarching methodology.

The aggregate of these methods, techniques, and tools found in the Triple Helix of Flow methodology are identified as an “Assembly of Methods.” The Triple Helix of Flow™ guides leaders and practitioners to better make sense of their environment when dealing with ambiguity, complexity, and uncertainty.

The Flow Consortium™

The Flow Consortium focuses on scientific research and consulting on methods for industry aimed at solving complex problems that restrict the flow of value to the customers, and that inhibit growth and innovation. The Flow Consortium together with the development of The Flow System are leading the transition from traditional methods into flow based approaches beyond the prescriptive methodologist that dominate business consulting currently.

The members of the Flow Consortium represent some of the most respected names and experts in the Lean and Agile world. All members have independently led global transformational initiatives or are recognized for major contributions to the scientific and business worlds. They represent some of the leading thought leaders in current literature who are continuing to push the boundaries of knowledge and learning.

The Flow Consortium provides business organization and management consulting in the fields of organizational design, organizational development, and organizational change management. They do this through learning and development with The Flow System, and execution of change leveraging the Triple Helix of Flow methodology (assembly of methods).


The Flow System
Why Learn The Flow System

Develop deep expertise in key disciplines needed and demanded by today's organizations.

The Flow System™ enables business growth by eliminating non-value-added activities by fostering an environment for innovation and the rapid delivery of value and shortening the time to market.

The Flow System™ is a holistic FLOW based approach to delivering Customer 1st Value. It is built on a foundation of The Toyota Production System, also known as TPS and LEAN, plus a new triple helix structure known as the DNA of Organizations™.

The Flow System™ provides an understanding of different methods, patterns, practices, and techniques that enable organizations or institutions to achieve their desired outcomes.