Cohort Learning Programs

Cohort Learning Programs

The Limitations of Traditional Training

Traditional training approaches to corporate training tend to focus on bringing in a trainer for several repeated sessions to block train team members and employees. Often the knowledge is lost if it is not leveraged and used quickly, and without effective coaching, the investment often fails to realize the expected Return on Investment (ROI).

Individuals self-fund their professional development but are often left without the ongoing support to hone the newly acquired knowledge as they are unable to access the necessary ongoing support.

Organizations considering buying training for their employees and leaders to develop their long-term skills and capabilities may wish to consider an alternative learning approach known as a cohort program.

Individuals can also choose to join a professional cohort program through an accredited Flow System trainer and coach.


What is a Cohort?

Cohort-based learning is a collaborative learning style in which individuals advance through an educational program together. It is typical for traditional, on-campus programs to use a cohort learning model. For example, many college programs take advantage of cohort learning. We consider this as an accelerated program akin to a rapid apprenticeship learning approach.


How does it work?

A custom-made learning program is developed from The Flow System curriculum catered to an organization’s needs.

Figure 1 illustrates a simple learning approach where curricula are chosen to meet the needs of the organization’s learning objectives and desired outcomes.

A program typically lasts from 6-10 months and includes training coupled with ongoing assessment and, most importantly, varying coaching levels built into the program. Teaching/training is valuable, but without sustained coaching supporting application and reflection, its value rapidly diminishes.

Figure 1 – Illustrative Learning Approach


Initial Coaching

After each course is delivered a 4 week period of coaching follows, see Figure 2. During this coaching period, weekly group sessions are held to help solidify learning. Each session is roughly 2 hours in duration.

Figure 2 – Post Training Mandatory Coaching


Ongoing Coaching and Pull Coaching

Figure 3 illustrates a typical overall coaching approach. At the inception of a cohort program, an initial 2-hour coaching session is held, followed by open-hour group coaching at a set time each month. Open-hour group coaching is when members of the cohort attend the coaching sessions.

In addition blocks of 1:1 coaching hours are included for cohort members to ‘pull’ coaching from their allotted pool of hours. 

Figure 3 – Overall Coaching Approach


Trainer Matching

As expected, customized programs will include various cognitively diverse topics. Through The Flow System’s reach, the right trainers are selected for delivering the right set of skills. Coaches can focus more on how cohort members apply their new knowledge knowing that the trainers are skilled in the requisite content.

We are also able to match cohort members with trainers from an expansive language and cultural background. Many trainers are bi-lingual or multi-lingual and are available to many global locations.


Guest Speakers

Given the nature of the experts supporting The Flow System curriculum, we have access to a wide range of highly respected industry experts from a diverse background covering topics from leadership to methods and team science to complex problem solving. We try to have at least one guest speaker every two months to address the cohort as part of their developmental journey. Speakers will be directly relevant to their learning path.

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