How to Become a Trainer

The Basics

Becoming a trainer for The Flow System is something many people are aspiring to be. The process is tough but fair, designed to ensure that only the highest caliber trainers/teachers are accredited.

There are no specific academic qualifications required, but applicants should be able to demonstrate an exceptionally high level of skills in the concentration(s) they wish to become a trainer in.

Applicants must also be able to demonstrate their character. We expect trainers to treat people with the greatest of respect without discriminating on any grounds. We will be reviewing the applicant’s digital profiles, social and professional.

We accept applications from people from all walks of life that include multiple professional backgrounds and geographical locations. We work closely with applicants to validate their skills and industry experiences as part of the application process. The application process is an opportunity for applicants to share their in-depth knowledge, to showcase their ability to empower others and deliver content effectively and positively.

Being accredited as a trainer will support those wishing to build their own training business, increase the number of products available for those who have established a practice, and provide a supportive community focused on knowledge acquisition.


The Application Process

Join The Flow System Slack community. Become an active participant by sharing knowledge and joining some of the in-depth discussions. Join the #trainers channel to express a desire to become a trainer. Trainers are active community members who are highly respected by their peers; they are individuals that others seek out for advice and counsel.

We will reach out to those who express interest in beginning the application process. After completing the application form, applicants will begin submitting evidence of their experience and knowledge. Once validated through peer review, participants will be invited to join the train the trainer program. We intend to make this a fun and friendly process. Applicants will interact intimately with the co-founders of The Flow System and other industry experts.


The Train the Trainer Program

The train the trainer program starts with an invitation to take the learning management system (LMS) program for the The Flow System Foundations course FS-1. Every trainer must master this course as it covers all the foundational knowledge that supports the entire curriculum. Prospective trainers will be expected to teach this course effectively and professionally.

The Flow System Foundations course introduces many concepts that may even be new to seasoned trainers. The LMS is an asynchronous online learning management system that allows prospective trainers to learn on their schedule and provides feedback to their learning. The LMS enables prospective trainers to repeat modules at their own pace, assuring that prospective trainers achieve an expert-level grasp of the concepts.

Upon completing the FS-1 LMS course, prospective trainers are required to take the FS-1 Foundations assessment. A passing grade of ≥ 95% is required, in which each prospective trainer will have two attempts. If unable to pass successfully after two attempts, prospective trainers will be required to retake the LMS course.

Remember, this is not a take the course and pass scenario. Trainers are expected to have a higher level of knowledge than practitioners who are active in the field.

If deemed necessary, co-training opportunities will be offered to prospective trainers to help them demonstrate the requisite skills and knowledge. 

Completing the LMS and assessment will result in the prospective trainer moving to the interview stage. Prospective trainers will meet the stewards and faculty of the content who will review their knowledge of the materials they seek accreditation in. This peer-review process tests the prospective trainer’s ability to deliver the content and to answer questions effectively.

If the peers agree that the prospective trainer has attained the requisite skills and knowledge, with the ability to teach the Foundations course materials effectively, the prospective trainer will be invited to become a trainer.


Trainer Support

All trainers are subject to a licensing agreement that covers their responsibilities as a representative of The Flow System brand and curriculum. The licensing agreement covers the licensing of teaching materials and assets plus the use of intellectual property that are made available upon being accredited.

All trainers are provided with the necessary tools and materials to lead a course and meet the curriculum’s standards. We expect trainers to follow the curriculum and the standards we set for quality, but we also expect trainers to add their unique qualities to the learning experience.

During their first 12 months as a new trainer, trainers will receive monthly coaching from The Flow System faculty. Trainers will also attend a monthly progress review, providing opportunities for trainers to ask questions, provide feedback, and make suggestions. Coaching helps to develop trainers while also assuring that standardized training is delivered and quality is maintained.

The Flow System community is actively providing feedback and making suggestions for improvement. As a community member, trainers are focused on developing a unique curriculum for those receiving our training.

Adding Additional Accreditations 

Upon achieving a training accreditation for the Foundations course, trainers can add additional courses to their portfolio.

The process follows a similar approach to that outlined for the Foundations. The assessment elements introduce a proctored testing approach that becomes more stringent as the trainer achieves advanced accreditation levels, from the Advanced level courses to the Master’s level courses.

Trainers will also experience a more in-depth peer review process during these advanced stages.

We invite you to join us on this new and exciting adventure. We look forward to welcoming you to a different way of helping others achieve their learning outcomes.

If you have any questions you can also send an email to the trainer program coordinator.

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