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Downloadable Resources for The Flow System™, The Triple Helix of Flow™, and Hexi™

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Hexi is a new facilitation tool to enable you to decompose (break down) methods and practices into their lowest level of coherent granularity. The Hexi approach described in the Playbook enables you to explore various combinations of methods, tools, and approaches to find combinations that work in your contextual situation through facilitation in groups workshops, planning, or strategy sessions.

Hexi encourages new thinking in how you can untangle and plan for sticky problems by decomposing and recombining methods, tools, and approaches.

The Playbook Hexies are part of a larger ecosystem being developed by The Cynefin Co

Hexi Resources Page

Downloadable make your own PDF files along with the facilitators guide. Double and single sided printing supported in both ISO A4 and US Letter size paper formats.



The following is an index of topics covered in the Flow System playbook. Each opens in a new tab to aid research and so you don’t lose your place. Clicking the links will take you to a dedicated page for the relevant workbook/s for that section of the playbook. 

Lean Thinking Index

Foundational Principles from Toyota

Toyota Production System Workbook

Toyota Way Workbook


Complexity Thinking Index

Understanding uncertainty and complex adaptive systems.

Complexity Thinking Workbook

Complex Adaptive Systems Workbook

Cynefin Framework Workbook

Sensemaking Workbook 

Weak Signal Detection Workbooks

Network Analysis Workbook 

Storytelling and Narratives Workbook

Empirical Process Control Workbook

Constraint Management Workbook 

Prototypes Workbook

The OODA Loop Workbook

Scrum The Toyota Way Workbook


Distributed Leadership Index

The behavior patterns of those who lead people and teams.

Psychological Safety Workbook

Active Listening Workbook

Leader’s Intent Workbook

Shared Mental Models Workbook

Wardley Maps Workbook

Decision Making Workbook

Bias Towards Action Workbook

Collaboration Workbook

Coaching and Mentoring Workbook 

Complex Facilitation Workbooks 

Organizational Design Workbooks


Team Science Index 

The science of teams, their interdependencies and interactions.

Teamwork Training Workbook

Human Centered Design Workbook

Team Design Workbook

Goal Identification Workbook

Situational Awareness Workbook

Developing Cognitions Workbook

Influencing Conditions Workbook

Team Learning Workbook

Team Effectiveness Workbook

Red Teaming Workbook

Multiteam Systems Workbook


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