Flow System Playbook Resources Page

Worksheets and Hexi Downloads

Make Your Own Hexies

Download and print the sheets below. Glue to some stiff card and cut out the shapes. Nigel add a visual of someone doing this!


Option 1 – The Complete set of all Hexies PDF

Option 2 – Just the Complexity Thinking Hexies PDF

Option 3 – Just the Distributed Leadership Hexies PDF

Option 4 – Just Team Science Hexies PDF

Option 5 – Just Lean Thinking Hexies PDF

Option 6 – Just the Toyota Production System Transparencies


Topics and Worksheet Downloads

The following is an index of topics covered in the Flow System playbook. Each opens in a new tab to aid research and so you don’t lose your place. Clicking the links will take you to a description of the topic as well as the relevant worksheet/s for that section of the playbook. The following sections are all clickable links, including the section headings

Lean Thinking Index

Foundational Principles from Toyota

Toyota Production System Workbook

Toyota Way Workbook


Complexity Thinking Index

Understanding uncertainty and complex adaptive systems.

Complexity Thinking Workbook

Complex Adaptive Systems

Cynefin Framework


Weak Signal Detection

Network Analysis 

Storytelling and Narratives

Empirical Process Control

Constraint Management 


The OODA Loop

Scrum The Toyota Way


Distributed Leadership Index

The behavior patterns of those who lead people and teams.

Psychological Safety

Active Listening

Leader’s Intent

Shared Mental Models

Wardley Maps

Decision Making

Bias Towards Action


Coaching and Mentoring 

Complex Facilitation 

Organizational Design


Team Science Index 

The science of teams, their interdependencies and interactions.

Teamwork Training

Human Centered Design

Team Design

Goal Identification

Situational Awareness

Developing Cognitions

Influencing Conditions

Team Learning

Team Effectiveness

Red Teaming

Multiteam Systems


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