Ji Kotei Kanketsu (LT-M3)

Ji Kotei Kanketsu (LT-M3)


Description of Course

Ji Kotei Kanketsu (JKK;(LT-M3) master’s course is a continuation of the content learned in the Lean Thinking Advanced Course (LT-A1). This course will teach you what is considered the secret sauce of the Toyota Production System. JKK is an A3 paper technique.

Ji Kotei Kanketsu translates as Ji (self) Kotei (process) Kanketsu (completion) and is described as ‘Built in Quality with Ownership’. It is the technique used to both define and continuously refine an optimal work process. This is the magic ingredient of Operational Excellence. If you truly desire OPEX, you need to learn how to apply JKK.

This course shows you how to apply JKK to develop, maintain, and continuously improve optimal work processes, enabling you to continuously produce the very best outputs, outcomes, and standards. This is a workshop-based class where you will be reviewing examples and doing exercises to teach you how to create a JKK A3.

You will study and learn how to apply the 3 key steps of JKK, including how to develop an optimal work process. You will see how to break down a process into work elements, identify the necessary conditions for each work element, establish a work process, and create standard work.

You will also learn why JKK comes before A3 Problem Solving (LT-M4), also known by Toyota as Toyota Business Practices (TBP), and how the two approaches work together to establish exceptional quality and operational excellence.

Duration of Training

The Ji Kotei Kanketsu (LT-M3) master’s course requires 16 hours of training and can be taken as a two-day in-person training session, an online live virtual class, or as an asynchronous self-paced online training using The Flow System’s learning management system (LMS). This course can be taught publicly or privately to any organization.

Participants must complete the training before receiving a code allowing them to take the Ji Kotei Kanketsu (LT-M3) assessment for accreditation. The fee for the assessment is included in the course fee for training attendees.

At the master’s level, participants will demonstrate an ability to apply the new knowledge and complete an online assessment. The master’s level courses’ application portion will be reviewed by peers and industry experts in their chosen field.

Participants who attend the training will have two attempts at the Ji Kotei Kanketsu (LT-M3) assessment. Participants who wish to forgo the training and jump straight to the assessment may do so but must first buy a code and will only have one attempt as opposed to two for people taking the training. You can buy a code below by clicking ‘Take Assessment.’

Objectives of Course

This course is a master’s course that continues to build on the material learned from both the Foundations (FS-1) and the Lean Thinking Advanced (LT-A1) courses. As a mastery level course, participants will be required to envision applying the material covered in the course to their place of work. After successfully completing this course participants should be able to:

  •  Explain the roots of JKK and what it is.
  • Define quality in terms of process and result.
  •  Explain how to achieve JKK status.
  • Define the ideal state for the customer.
  • Exhibit the ability to apply the 3 key steps of JKK.
  • Define a rough work process.
  • Exhibit the ability to break down a process into work elements.
  • Define and create a standardized work process.
  • Develop operational excellence using JKK.

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