Mastery of Complexity Thinking

Mastery of Complexity Thinking

The Triple Helix of Flow


Mastery Accreditations

Mastery Training Modules (5):

  1. Flow Thinking
  2. Complexity Thinking
  3. Distributed Leadership
  4. Team Science
  5. Lean Thinking

After receiving an advanced accreditation in any of the five advanced tracks (Flow Thinking, Complexity Thinking, Distributed Leadership, Team Science, Lean Thinking), participants can begin working toward a mastery accreditation in one of the five tracks. There are five possible Mastery Tracks to choose from (see list above). The mastery track selected is based on one’s desire or need.

To obtain a mastery accreditation in any one of the five mastery tracks, one must successfully complete all five of the mastery level courses listed for the selected master track. For example, after completing a Flow System Foundations, FS-1, accreditation and advanced accreditation in Distributed Leadership (DL-A1), to obtain a mastery accreditation in Distributed Leadership one must successfully complete each of the five mastery level Distributed Leadership training courses; Individual Leadership (DL-M1), Shared Leadership (DL-M2), Organizational Hybrid (DL-M3), Multiteam Systems Leadership (DL-M4), Advanced Distributed Leadership (DL-M5).

Mastery of Complexity Thinking Accreditation Track

Flow System Foundations Accreditation

  1. Flow System Foundations Accreditation
    • Successful completion of the Flow System Foundations course
    • Pass Flow System Foundations test with a score of ≧ 85%

Advanced Accreditations

  1. Advanced Accreditation
    • Accredited in The Flow System Foundations course (FS-1)
    • Successful completion of the selected advanced course (Flow Thinking, FL-A1; Complexity Thinking, CT-A1; Distributed Leadership, DL-A1; Team Science, TS-A1; Lean Thinking, LT-A1)
    • Pass the advanced test with a score of ≧ 85%

Mastery Complexity Thinking Accreditation

  1. Mastery Complexity Thinking Accreditation
    • Accreditation in The Flow System Foundations course (FS-1)
    • Successful completion of the Complexity Thinking Advanced course (CT-A1)
    • Successful completion of the 5 Master Complexity Thinking courses
      1. Complexity Thinking (CT-M1)
      2. Cynefin Framework (CT-M2)
      3. Complex Facilitation Techniques (CT-M3)
      4. Advanced Cynefin Framework (CT-M4)
      5. Complex Decision Making (CT-M5)
    • Pass the Mastery Complexity Thinking accreditation exam with a score of ≧ 85%

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