Marius Stavarache

I am a continuous learner, driven by curiosity about how can we live a richer life in terms of understanding the world and having a positive impact in it through people development (starting with ourselves).

I am the husband of a lucky wife :) and the lucky father of 2 beautiful and smart girls.

Professionally I work as a management consultant, trainer and coach for over 14 years and I have been exposed to multinational and multicultural environments. In this context I have discovered Lean, somewhere in 2009, and I have so strongly resonated with the values behind lean tools that I further followed the topic since then, searching to understand more and more how can we influence people in develop the right beliefs that leads to acting the lean way.

One of the greatest thing I done related to this was to join a Lean Japan Tour that offered me the opportunity to see Toyota in "flesh and bones" and to discuss directly with Toyota executives.

I discovered Nigel's work on LinkedIn and appreciated the consistency with which he built and the values he follows in his work; I want to discover more and, if it proves to be so, to be part of a community of people who believe in things fundamentally well constructed.



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