Nigel Thurlow

Nigel Thurlow is the creator of the award-winning Scrum the Toyota Way training course, and the co-creator of The Flow System.

He previously served as the first ever Chief of Agile at a global Toyota company, leading Lean and Agile practices at Toyota Connected. He also led many digital and organizational transformation initiatives while at Toyota and is a recognized expert in the Toyota Production System, the Toyota Way, and various Agile approaches.

He is also a Forbes noted Author and a well known Keynote Speaker and as a Professional Scrum Trainer, the first one ever in Toyota and the first to have been certified by both the creators of Scrum, he has trained over 7500 people worldwide as of 2020.

Nigel has published several peer reviewed white papers and journal publications on team science, and he acts as an advisor on several boards at the University of North Texas.

He has been featured in Forbes and many other publications and these together with several talks he's given can be found online. His YouTube channel can be found at

He is the co-author of the book on The Flow System and a contributor to Chief Executive Magazine.



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